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1 2 3, Boycott Abby Lee. Spread Love & Positivity.

In the wise words of Holly, you are entitled to your wrong opinion…however, it won’t be reposted here unless I’m setting it straight. I made this blog because I get really irritated by some of the things I read on here in regards to these talented young girls. I’m not a fan of Dance Moms the TV Show, I’m a fan of these talented dancers as individuals. It is sad that this show has become such a money making business where the well being of the girls is second or even third to ratings and drama. I find Abby Lee Miller to be an absolutely despicable human being. Any teacher who is in a position to inspire young girls and empower them to become independent, strong young women…but instead chooses to tear them down and break them apart is a complete waste of air. I don’t know what grown adult gets joy out of belittling little girls, tearing apart friendships, growing insecurities, and playing these mental games with children. That is where I stand with her. I made this blog to mostly focus on all the girls in a positive way. Mostly for me to be able to respond to some of these hateful comments and confessions from people hiding behind a computer screen. I’m not a part of any fandom. I believe these girls are all extremely talented and unique individuals who all shine and excel in different areas. I hate that Abby’s instant attempts at tearing these girls apart as friends are working on the fans. Don’t turn on each other, you can support one or all, but you do not need to be negative towards one while supporting the other.Keep it positive. Don’t let Abby rub off on you, these girls need all the positivity they can get!

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