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Hello there friend. THISISNIX. Thisisnix blog is a pick n mix of: • thoughts about what’s happening in life • random quotes about surviving this world • rare thisisnix artwork and/or creations • Christian Faith insights: I ♥ JESUS stuff • ‘borderline obsessive’ STAR WARS stuff • DC Universe & COMICBOOK devotions • some WWE Universe contributions • NHL 'for the love of HOCKEY’ stuff • BMX, SKATE, SURF images & videos • perhaps Music & Video Game reviews • plus any other info associated with… THISISNIX.Thank you to all who visit and BIG 'LOVE.x’ to all of my followers. thisisnix Pinterest HERE’S SOME USELESS INFORMATION ABOUT THISISNIX THAT YOU REALLY DIDN’T NEED TO KNOW BUT NOW YOU DO: Thisisnix: • can spin a basketball on her index finger, and middle finger - but only on her left hand. • is a true believer in basic etiquette: good manners, honest communication and sincere sincerity. • owns one of every Nintendo Gameboy model ever created. • is interested in humanity and how we live our lives. • is sometimes Xbox360 Live… my gamertag is: This is Nix • owns 3 acoustic guitars & 1 electric but rarely has time to play any of them anymore. • did not fully appreciate the 80s & 90s at the time - but is now obsessed with memorabilia & reminiscing about how great those two decades were. • used to detest the colour green, but it has now become one of her most favourite colours. • does not need alcohol or drugs to have a fun time. • has a new found enthusiasm for doing her best to be a modern day follower of Christ. • has a strong passion for Star Wars & longs to be a Jedi - or at least pretend that she gets to be like one when walking through electronic sliding doors. • is always observing around and down, but often forgets to look up above. • dislikes unnecessary swearing/cursing in everyday conversations. • still gets excited by floating bubbles and amazed by rainbows in the sky after the rain. • always has to pretend to box when she hears 'Eye of the Tiger’ Rocky theme. • has suffered on and off with Psoriasis since the age of 11. • believes life is like a wheel - sometimes you’re riding high on top, sometimes you’re hanging onto the very bottom - the importance is that the wheel is always turning, so just always hold on. • longs to be able to write a book or few one fine day. • loves the description a work colleague once wrote about her: “You are a true Jedi of love and kindness”