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#footer { margin-top:0; } .customer-quote-img { float: left; width: 8%; margin: 0, 5%, 0, 0; } .customer-quote-box { float: left; width: 87%; margin-right: 3%; } .customer-logo { height: auto; width:12%; margin: 0 5% 3%; } Great websites are updated frequently. That means pushing code daily or weekly. Pantheon’s unique, trusted platform makes deploying bug fixes, releasing new features and launching new sites easier than you ever imagined. Our website management platform enables your team to focus on building great websites while we handle all the hosting, workflow, deployment, security, and scale. All of this delivered in a fraction of the time it used to take, for a fraction of the overall cost. This is the new way to build and manage websites. The workflow, the speed, the simplicity – it all just works. Chris Staton, Head of Creative, AdRoll Top Technology Companies Trust Pantheon WHY PANTHEON FOR TECHNOLOGY Platform built for collaboration and agile marketing Increase website launch velocity Fastest WordPress and Drupal hosting on the planet Experts in performance tuning, scaling, and security Team collaboration and powerful development tools Speak to an Expert

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I couldn’t imagine doing another site migration of this scale without Pantheon. Cite:  Chris Staton, Head of Creative Logo:  Customer Industry:  Technology



We migrated more than a million nodes without a single hiccup. Cite:  Brian Tan, Founder and CEO Logo:  Customer Industry:  Technology


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The dev-test-live environment made the transition to live a no-brainer. Cite:  Ilya Pozin, Founder and CEO Logo:  Customer Industry:  Technology