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thisisshemusic's Journals on Buzznet

This is She’s history goes back to Warped Tour 2009, when Alana Grace’s earlier solo project was playing the same stages as After Midnight Project, which included members Ryan Folden (drums) and Christian Paul Meadows (guitar). Grace found herself in need of a full band in 2011 and enlisted Folden and Meadows following the dissolution of After Midnight Project. Following a few months of writing and recording, This Is She are ready to present their music to the world at large with the Nobody Is Ok EP, which was recorded in a few months in 2011 North Hollywood, CA, in the band’s own studio. This Is She relish in that universal “dark side,” both in the themes of Grace’s lyrics and in their musical style, which is a blend of blissful pop, heavily-distorted rock music, and the bombast of modern electronic dance music, all punctuated by Grace’s tortured, emotive, and always-soaring vocals. Befitting of her own namesake, her lyrics and melodies are delivered with an air of simple elegance; the very definition of grace. Fuzzy bass lines, distorted guitars, propulsive drumming and electronic textures swirl around and engulf her voice. It’s positively disorienting, but Grace keeps the songs grounded with her voice, acting like a glimmer of humanity and hope amongst a decaying wasteland of explosive noise. Some songs incorporate schizophrenic vocal samples that are entirely haunting before morphing into intense, mechanized dubstep-inspired breakdowns that sound like a Terminator’s interpretation of rock music. This is loud music; even when it’s turned down, you’re unable to block it out. It could never, ever be played as background music. Like Sleigh Bells or Public Enemy, the beats of these songs lock into place and explode like bombs while guitars come crashing down around you like high-rise buildings in a Michael Bay blockbuster. Call it rock; call it dubstep; call it action-packed blockbuster music; call it whatever you want, but don’t think for one second that you will be able to ignore it. Whether you like it or not, This Is She will have your attention.