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Fanlingo: n. Fandom-speak. Amy makes poor use of her free time by indulging her obsessions and talking about the one thing she truly loves: Fandom. Loves…A Song of Ice and FireAdam ScottAliasThe AmericansAmerican Horror StoryAn Idiot AbroadArrested DevelopmentThe AvengersBattlestar Galactica (2003)Bear McCrearyCapricaThe Colbert ReportConan O'BrienThe Daily ShowDaryl DixonDerekDistrict 9DollhouseDownton AbbeyDr. Horrible’s Singalong BlogHarry PotterThe Hunger GamesEmma PillsburyFlight of the ConchordsThe FollowingFringeGame of ThronesGleeGOB BluthInceptionJJ AbramsJason MrazJoseph Gordon-LevittKarl PilkingtonLostLord of the RingsMary McDonnellModern FamilyNew GirlNintendoThe Office (UK)The Office (US)Parks and RecreationParty DownRicky GervaisThe Ricky Gervais ShowSharlto CopleySherlockStar Trek XITori AmosTristan PrettymanThe VillageThe Walking DeadWill ArnettThe X-FilesZachary QuintoZelda Ships… Adama/Roslin (BSG) Anna/Bates (Downton) April/Andy (Parks & Rec) Arthur/Ariadne (Inception) Arya/Gendry (ASoIaF) Ben/Leslie (Parks & Rec) Brittany/Santana (Glee) Charlie/Claire (Lost) Clint/Natasha (Avengers) Daryl/Carol (TWD) Eowyn/Faramir (LotR) Gob/Segway (AD) Grace/Kit (AHS) Henry/Casey (Party Down) Jaime/Brienne (ASoIaF) Jim/Pam (Office) Jon/Arya (ASoIaF) Jon/Dany (ASoIaF) Kate/Sawyer (Lost) Katniss/Gale (The Hunger Games) Link/Midna (Zelda) Lucius/Ivy (Village) Matthew/Mary (Downton) Mulder/Scully (X-Files) Nick/Jess (New Girl) Paul/Mellie (Dollhouse) Peter/Olivia (Fringe) Philip/Elizabeth (The Americans) Ron/Hermione (HP) Sansa/Sandor (ASoIaF) Spock/Uhura (STXI) Sydney/Vaughn (Alias) Sydney/Sark (Alias) Tate/Violet (AHS) Tim/Dawn (Office) Topher/Claire (Dollhouse) Tonks/Lupin (HP) Will/Emma (Glee)