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House Music All Night Long The Lupe Fuentes Story…so far AN UNDERDOG HAS A LOT TO PROVE, MUCH TO DELIVER, AND ALL THE HYPE IN THE WORLD WON’T CHANGE THAT Picture this. You’re a little girl in an impoverished country who daydreams about what her life will be. She worries she may only have these daydreams, because her dream is to make music and to become a DJ. She doesn’t see anyone around her like herself, and she wonders if she is the only one? She hopes not, but she has no role model to look to. In Columbia, the only women she sees are not dreaming of such things, they are trying to survive. But, inside this little girl, there is a spark of passion that calls to her and begs her to believe. It grows as she grows. It gets louder as she finds her voice. And then, one day she realizes, she is Lupe Fuentes and she is house music. Lupe may have come from humble beginnings but her commitment to her calling and her craft lifted her up and out. As with any great artist, their ability to follow their passion is without measure or limit. Talent without commitment means nothing and Lupe set her sights on a life that would transcend the confines of race, geography and economics. Only one thing in the world can instantly equalize and unite us all and that amazing gift is of course, music. Lupe Fuentes has secured her shining star on the electronic music landscape by earning her right to be there. Talent and passion for house music is paramount to her success, she lives by the beat and is always challenging her own ability to do better than she did yesterday. House music icons champion her as being the real deal with the gifted ear of a DJs DJ. “Lupe is very talented and has exacting musical taste. She is one of the new breed of underground DJs that live and breathe house music. I see she is totally committed and can’t wait to hear what beats she has in store!” (Roger Sanchez) Lupe busted through the boys club by doing things her way. As a producer, she’s one of the most prolific and respected ones working today. Upfront labels clamor for her releases with imprints like; InHouse Records (Todd Terry), Brobot Records (Junior Sanchez), Undercool Productions (Spain), Nervous (NY) Positive Music (Spain), WIN Music, SAFE Music (Spain) Guesthouse Records and Defined all releasing Lupe Fuentes original music. Her own imprint, ‘In The Loop,’ is her go to brand for most of her own music, but Lupe also champions new talent as a way to keep herself inspired and pay it forward. “Lupe was born to make music and be a DJ. Stay tuned… she’s fire!” (Junior Sanchez) It’s all about the vibe and what music can do for people that makes house music (in particular), so special. Lupe channels house music and all you need is to experience one of her sets to know she’s something very special. You can’t fake it as a house DJ, and she owns the place when she plays. Dancefloors don’t lie. “Female DJ really if you only knew. Lupe rocks out like a dude. She gets it -she is there to make you dance. Not just another pretty face …. Welcome to Miss Fuentes, House Music Baby.” (Todd Terry) Lupe Fuentes now makes her home in LA where she’s a fixture on the US club circuit. Exchange, Pacha and all clubs in between are showcasing Lupe as the next level of house music superstar, but for Lupe, she is humbled by her success. “I don’t do this for any other reason than I love house music, I love to DJ and I’m compelled daily to produce. Everything else become like white noise. My joy is being able to DJ and to expose the music I love to people who want to dance. Be it one person or 50,000 on the dancefloor, I’ll make sure they feel like I’m playing just for them! “ - Lupe Fuentes Next Up Lupe will release ‘To Perfection’ on Kerri Chandler’s imprint Mad Tech this September and continues her prolific production at her own In The Loop Recordings which sees at least one new Lupe Fuentes original each month. Bookings and Info info@lupefuntes.com www.LupeFuentes.com