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Hannibal, Hannibal, where for art thou a Cannibal?

Hi, you can call me ‘Best’ for short or use my youtube name 'Fargosis’ if 'the best part of waking up’ is too much of a mouthful. I’m not the biggest fan of my real first name so I’d rather not give that out unless we’re friends. I’ve been through some shit in the past few years, so if your curious about my SUPER DU[PER DARK ANGSTY AND SAD BACKSTROY!!!!!! Feel free to ask. Like the rest of my family I am a huge family, and am following in the footsteps of my grandfather as an amateur animator. Request are always open so feel free to drop a suggestion for me to draw at any times Sorry to pull back the curtain for some of you but I am also the mod on 'bee shrek test in the house’ which i consider to be somewhat of a successful blog/meme