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I Came To Party Like It's 1776

TRIGGER WARNING: FACTS Jakob, 21, Tennessee. Musician, College student studying political science. My pronouns are freedom/freedoms/freedomself.  Mostly Conservative with some Libertarian views. Firearm advocate. Proudly pro-life. Christian, and a huge supporter of Israel, the only Western civilization in the Middle East.  Anti-new age feminism, Anti-SJW, Anti-political correctness. Not always a snowflake friendly blog.I obviously believe in equal rights for every human being on this planet, however these modern movements tend to spread a lot of misinformation, intolerance, and hypocrisy.  Protect women who aren’t feminists, because feminists won’t.  Spare me your comments about how you believe I’m contradicting myself by being against feminism yet advocating for equal rights. Feminism does not own equality, and I detest the modern variation of that movement for many reasons.  I love my country and an extremely passionate about what I believe in. I’d be more than happy to explain or discuss my views with you, all you have to do is ask. I’d prefer debates remain somewhat civil.  If you’re still around, then make yourself at home, friend. I love meeting and talking with new people. Don’t be shy.   Purchase the background as a painting here: http://jonmcnaughton.com/the-forgotten-man-1/