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it's inevitable

JESICA. 19 YEARS OLD. ARGENTINA. MOVIES: MARVEL, BATMAN, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, GLADIATOR, A WALK TO REMEMBER, HOBBIT, HARRY POTTER, LEAP YEAR and others. ACTORS: KATIE FEATHERSTON, TOM HIDDLESTON, LEA MICHELE, JON GROFF, JOAQUIN PHOENIX, TATI MASLANY and others. SERIES: GLEE, ORPHAN BLACK, HIMYM, SHERLOCK, THE O.C, GOSSIP GIRL and very more. MY OTPS: LARRY STYLINSON (1D. Yes, I’m Larry Shipper), ST. BERRY (Glee), CHAIR/BLUCK (Gossip Girl), COMMODUS AND LUCILLA (Gladiator. Yes, I ship them, why?), JOHNLOCK (Sherlock. Maybe, I ship them a little), SWARKLES (HIMYM. They should have been endgame:c) and others. MUSIC: ONE DIRECTION, BRUNO MARS, SIA, ELLIE GOULDING, ED SHEERAN, GLEE CLUB, some artists and bands’s 70/80/90. A little bit of everything, I don’t have a specific musical genre. I’M IN LOKI’S ARMY. Usually, I prefer the villain over the hero/superhero. Nothing more to say.