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Today's Creation Moment

Each program features some scientific fact of nature that points to deliberate design not evolutionary chance. "Creation Moments" daily 2 minute radio broadcast with host Ian Taylor is heard around the world on over 1300 stations and outlets. Each program features scientific evidences of nature that points to delicate design not evolutionary chance. The daily broadcasts are compiled in our daily devotional book, Letting God Create Your Day. Each program is also available on cassette or CD. See CreationMoments.com for more information.


Fear-Mongering Rises to New Heights By Adding Climate Change to Covid!

Back to school – and for most of us, this means it’s back to more fear-and-conformity-inducing behavior and “group-think” with what we might call “COVID alarmism”. Other socially and...


Incredible Confirmations of Genesis Discovered in Southeast Asia!

History, simply put, is what has happened. But “what has happened” seems more and more to be misrepresented. For years, creationists have faced the truth that teachers of history have long ig...