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Nerd, Interrupted

Taylor. 27. Non-binary pansexual (They/Them or He/Him.) I’m a bibliophile, feminist, autistic and a huge stoner who loves writing and nerdy stuff. Blog sometimes NSFW. 3DS FRIEND CODE: 5129-0977-9651 STUFF I LIKE: Atop The Fourth Wall, The Cinema Snob, The Spoony Experiment, Radio Dead Air, Bob’s Burgers, Over The Garden Wall, Markiplier, Game Grumps, Ninja Sex Party, Starbomb, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Rick and Morty, Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon Crystal, Madoka Magica, Hetalia, Yu-Gi-Oh, Ed, Edd n’ Eddy, Powerpuff Girls, The Office, Parks and Recreation, M*A*S*H, Star Trek, Whose Line is it Anyway, Welcome to Night Vale, Nintendo, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokemon, Ace Attorney, Professor Layton, Ghost Trick, Animal Crossing, Mother/Earthbound, Undertale, Five Nights at Freddy’s, Magic: The Gathering, Comic Books, Comic Strips, Classic Rock Feel free to ask me anything or be my friend! I don’t bite, unless you’re into that sort of thing. ^_~ ~VOTE BERNIE SANDERS~