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Pam’s Closet My Spank Bank My House Porn My WordPress ~ I’m EricIzMine everywhere, but feel free to call me Angela. ~ Navy wife, mother of 6 and fanfiction writer. We’re in Virginia and I spend a lot of time at my laptop since 5/6 of my kids are school aged, i spend a lot of my time at my computer… I’m either making banners or writing at any given time. ~ You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, FanFiction.net, Word Press and if you’re wanting to email me, i’m @ymail.com… ~ My primary obsessions are Skarsgard and Manganiello, but I love to hate Bill Compton (not Moyer) so watch out for that. ~ I’m a whore for pop culture so you’ll find a lil-a-everything on here… True Blood, Sons of Anarchy and Supernatural are my favorite 3 shows. ~ It’s all just a cover so that I can collect smut.