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the frozen rose

rants, ramblings, and lots of reposts. lately lots of feminism, politics, and fandoms i don’t follow. cute things for sure. sometimes i post things i make, although lately i don’t know how to internet anymore so most of my pictures end up sitting on SD cards waiting to be put onto the computer. this is where i rant, read, try and learn, and post (sometimes nsfw) things and other interesting tidbits of personality. follow at your own risk!**Please note I’m not very good about tagging things (for organization OR for trigger warnings) there may be some content here that could be triggering to victims of rape/sexual assault, and triggers for misogyny/body issues/fat shaming/racism/transphobia/ and probably others. please be aware.** otherwise known as Tiffany Rose, a.k.a. Tiff, Tiffer, Tiffily, Jiffy the Poptart, and (some form of) Mom. usually the last one is screamed by a small child, or hollered by a larger one (AKA I have two kids, nine and three)Owner, designer, creator, photographer and general minion of Frozen Rose Design.Making tiny trees at wee hours of the morning since 2006.