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Let me Tumbl my obsessions!

Hello! My name is Em J I am 20. I am half English, half Norwegian so I am bilingual :D ♡♥ Born and raised in Norway but moved to England when i was 16. My obsessions are…. Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Musicals, Starkid, Sherlock, Drawing, Painting, reading and writing Fanfiction (not publishing them), Youtube, Pottermore (I am StormSilver84), Royal families (learning about them and the ancestry), memes, Artige.no, Know Your Meme, The Harry Potter Alliance, LGBTQ Rights supporter, MyMusicShow lover and Magic The Gathering player + Boy band lover (Take That, Backstreet Boys and Collabro to name a few!) I am Single never had a boy friend want one but I am not that desperate I can wait. Tomboy very tomboyish. If you come across anonymous reviews by “Em J Loves You” on Fanfiction.net then that is me.

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