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NEW: THE BLACKGIRL CRISIS ON FACEBOOK BLACKGIRLCRISIS !A place where black girls can come for relationship advice, discussions on mental health, womanism, politics, pop culture and more. This is a collective that aims to give women positive images, share articles, and just a place to feel represented. Dark skinned, light skinned, curvy, thIn. Queer, Nerd. You name it. Another focus is showing black women in love. With themselves, with men or women outside of their race, black love, and black women that love each other. READ BEFORE SUBMITTINGClick here for submissions!If you want to stay anonymous send submissions to BLACKGIRLCRISIS@GMAIL.COM! If using the “ask” or “submit” feature then ask to be anonymous in the post. I will grant your wish.sol·i·dar·i·ty n. A union of interests, purposes, or sympathies among members of a group; fellowship of responsibilities and interests: “A downtrodden class … will never be able to make an effective protest until it achieves solidarity” (H.G. Wells).SHOUT OUT TO MY INBETWEENERS:“You’re a black girl. You like indie music, you dress differently than your peers but you aren’t quite “Afro punk” enough. You watch anime, read graphic novels but you aren’t quite “nerdy” enough. You read Nylon mag, paper mag, etc and like what you see, but hate that you never see a brown face. Your taste is eclectic, your style is eclectic, and you can’t be put in a category. If you’ve ever wondered where you belong or what you are, I have the answer. You’re a LIONESS ”.-Shop LIONESSGUSH ABOUT YOUR CRUSH!“This is going to be a new permanent series on the blog. I hate that feeling when you really like someone but for some reason or another you just can’t tell anyone about it. I remember when I told my friends about this boy I liked when I was in middle school and they gave me a hard time about it because he was white. I just wished I had friends I could gush about these crushes with who wouldn’t judge me and would just allow me to just get it all out. I’m giving you all the opportunity to do that. No advice will be given (unless you ask). Just allowing y’all to vent, gush, whatever. It doesn’t even have to be serious. Could be some dude in class. A boy you see on the subway all the time on your way to work. A coworker. Your best friend. Some girl in your art class. Whatever! Crush Stories Here