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Mello, Mellopet, Mellopetitone

25. Atlanta, GA. Nonbinary/genderqueer/agender. Queer. Asexual. Hard of Hearing/HoH with a BAHA. Autistic. Chronic pain. White. I’m learning ASL but am not fluent. I enjoy crime/mystery shows, most sci-fi/fantasy/superhero, and I’m an absolute sucker for shows based around someone immortal (see: New Amsterdam and Forever, also Torchwood) I enjoy knitting and crochet, as well as nearly every craft that involves making something from one or more strands. I studied cultural anthropology and strongly enjoy cultural discussion, both of our world and fictional worlds.  I try to tag, but it’s difficult for me sometimes. I use “tagless” when I want to reblog something but am not up to tagging properly. See my commonly tagged page for what I try to tag consistently.