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Renz Photography

ALL PHOTOS ON THIS BLOG WERE TAKEN BY ME. PLEASE DO NOT SAVE AND REPOST! If you would like to use a photo for a reference or on a role playing site, such as Proboards please ask me FIRST before you use it. Otherwise I will report you if I see it used somewhere I did not give permission for it to be used. Thank you to those who respect this. DIRECTORY! I run an animal rescue! Want to learn more? Go to Kennels Of Compassion’s Tumblr! Can you donate one dollar (or more)? If so, click below! You can also like the rescue’s Facebook page! No matter what country or state you’re in, it helps A LOT! We also have a petition to regulate animal breeding to reduce the number of animals in shelters, cases of abuse, neglect and more! Blogs to check out:My Main Blog | All Animals | Wrongfully Viewed Dogs | My Pets’ Blog | Step Into The Past