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badly drawn boypussy

~illuminati~ artist/blogger/coffee-drinker I try not to creep people out. I usually fail. Probably because I draw so much porn. That’s probably it. “Katie gets off on choking people with fairy cock and feels” - crissblanderstan “It’s sort of like getting lost in an enchanted forest, Nothing is what it seems, and large beautiful and intoxicating sweet smelling plants will lure you to their stamens. Whatever you do, don’t stroke the rabbits, if you value your life you will heed this warning.” - anonymous “going on your blog with my dad in the room is like playing russian roulette with a gun full of semen” - anonymous “laugh, cry, gag a little, and have a mild erection at the same time” - undividedcloudmy fic on AO3 questioning my morality