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you light the sky - fanfiction (I write to live)

About my WIPs (Darkling, I Listen, A Comforting Presence, Save Me Street) - I have not abandoned them and I never will. Please don’t send asks inquiring if I’ve given up on my fics. I find them hurtful, as I’ve answered many asks already saying that I will never abandon these fics, I will finish them. Please don’t worry. I love writing. If I haven’t updated in a while, I’m probably in a self-loathing-omg-I-hate-these-sentences-that-I’m-writing-so-I’ll-just-rewrite-this mood or school is keeping me busy. Thanks so much for caring about my works, reading them and being patient (hugs) I’m You_Light_The_Sky from AO3. I’m also on ms-notebook from livejournal. I’m a student at University, studying to become a teacher and writer. I write Tony/Steve, Bucky/Steve, Sherlock/John, Arthur/Merlin, Tom/Harry, Nine/Rose, Holmes/Joan (Elementary), AllTsuna fanfictions and many more. Feel free to submit a prompt and I’ll write a drabble for you, provided that I know the fandom and I am comfortable with the prompt :) This blog is a place where I share my fanfictions, random drabbles, writing rants and comment on any fanart that might be made based off of my works. I also post things I find funny or interesting writing references. Sometimes I even give writing advice. If I ever end up publishing my original fiction, I’ll also share that on this blog under “my novels.” And some final words in passing: If you’re shy and afraid, if you’re upset or in pain… just write, just draw, just create. Make good art, as Neil Gaiman says. I will love you for it, your courage in staying strong. What you do matters and it is beautiful. Go create. Go be you. Note: Banner above is done by the talented devinleighbee on tumblr. My icon is from here by photographer Natalie Shau.

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