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Nightmare dressed as a daydream

Links | Ask Ali Gayle 23 Queer / Midwest Dear Followers, I’m Ali. There isn’t much to me. I’m paxnsexual and polyamorous as well. I’m cute and chubby. I have a deep love for wolves. I love to play videogames and watch movies. I have a cute daughter who is my entire world. I have a man in my life that is my constant. The one person who I can always rely on. And for that I am thankful. I am mean and opinonated if someone tries to fuck with me or one of my friends. I can also be the sweetest girl you could ever meet. I give so much love and respect. And the most I ask for in return is just a small portion of respect back. My reblogs will more than likely show you what I like for the most part. And if you wanna message me I will always answer. And if you need someone to talk to or listen. I will be here for you. And if not here then ask for my skype. Sincerely, Bad Wolf ——– These people though Tyler Jason Nos Sian Emily Scott ———— My xbl - cerealkilluhoo steam - Ali Gayle ———- bat signals Games I’m Playing Animal Corssing Buffy (original xbox) Elder Scrolls Online