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Nikita Cosplay

Hi! I’m a french cosplayer since 2006! I discovered cosplay earlier and I thought it was the perfect hobby for me because it mixes 3 of my passions: -craftsmanship (I was already in an artistic section at High School) -japanese and western geek/popculture (I was reading mangas, watching anime, playing videogames and fan of sci-fi and fantasy movies and series) -stage performance (I practiced ballet and modern danse for 14 years) So my first totally handmade costume was made in 2006. In 2007 I entered my first contest and in 2008 I was selected to be a french representative for the World Cosplay Summit with my partner Sikay. We were selected in 2010 as well and we ended at the 4th place at the final in Japan! After that I was lucky to be a guest in a lot of conventions all over the europe and the world. I’m often a guest as a judge or as a performer. I love to meet cosplayers from all over the world, it’s amazing to see how much you can learn from them and enjoy the same passion together. I won a lot of cosplay awards but I don’t want to make a list. The most important are the WCS selections. I have now about 40 costumes from very different inspirations! Cute or sexy, popular or unknown, from eastern to western, from princesses to warriors… I love to change of personality. I make all my costumes myself! The technical challenge is one of my favorite part in cosplay as well as the challenge of acting different. As I said, I also like the stage and entertaining the audience so I do my best to offer good and original skits. I also make some original designs costume because I like to be the designer of my own character. Recently I became a professional princess! lol. I come as a Disney Princess at some kid’s bithday to make their dream become true! I still have a lot of cosplay projects you can see in my project album! To tell more about me in my daily life: I’m 26 years old. I work as a costume designer for kids (I got this job thanks to Cosplay!). I live near Paris but I was born in the south of France and if my real name sounds Italian it’s because my father is from Corsica. I love to sew, to dance, and my friends say that I’m good at cooking pastries :P. I am a big fan of “symphonic metal” bands as Nightwish, Epica and Within Temptation. But I also like rock, pop, and kpop (yeah!). I would have love to be a singer but… I can’t sing XD. Aaaaand that’s all… I think XD.

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