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Large LOB application using the HTML client

I currently have a fairly large LOB application using the Silverlight client.  We are working on a new and even larger version of this application.  There will be a new external sql server database.  I would very much like to do this version in the html client but have some concerns.  Those of you who have built large LOB applications using the html client, can you please share your thoughts on these: -Large detail screens that display 100+ fields and have mutiple sets of tabs for related data.  This is handled in the HTML client by displaying links to separate screens for each child collection.  Is this adequate? -Adding data to lookup tables and refreshing the parent table query in a way that the user entering data does not lose their place.  This is accomplished in the Silverlight client by being able to open multiple screens at the same time.  Can this be done in the HTML client?  I want to avoid the scenario where the user enters half the entry, but then discovers the need to enter a lookup, but can't save the record due to validation, so they lose their place when leaving the main screen to add a lookup. -Custom modals and associated logic.  In the silverlight client, you can create custom modals and modal window pickers along with validation and business logic.  Can this be done in the html client?  Do you have to create custom js controls for this? -Do you find the data binding and change listners to be an adequate replacement for the INotifyPropertyChanged interface used by the SL client? -Complex search screens with 50+ parameters.  I currently use custom modal windows in the SL client to display all of the parameters when the user wishes to use an advanced search feature.  Can this be done using the popups in the html client. Any other info you can share would be very helpful.  Thanks!!

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