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Dumb-Free Area

18+ (or minimum age for such things in your locality), very NSFW, and very kinky. There may be images/thoughts here that are trauma triggers for some, so please be warned now and leave if you are concerned. I am not an advocate for these sorts of behaviours in the normal course of life; these are my fantasies, and this is my place to indulge such thoughts. These are my own thoughts, musings, favorite erotica - the pictures here are not my own unless otherwise stated, they are re-blogged, or found elsewhere on the intertubes. If you see a post here that is your own material or copyrighted and you wish it removed, I will do so soonest upon your request. I am 39, male, Caucasian, professionally employed, resides in the USA, and have a wide range of interests. My sexuality is probably best described as “panoramic”, but I am primarily heterosexual with a deep-seated need to be a Dominant Daddy - to dominate, own, and take good care of my submissive little Princess Cunt - her blog is at http://daddysprincesscunt.tumblr.com/. I am proud of, and love deeply, my little girl - she is a bright ray of sunshine in my life. While I have within me deep violently passionate sadism, I believe just as powerfully in giving love to just as powerfully, if not more so. To my way of thinking, one cannot have one extreme without the other. As a Dom or Domme crushes/uses, I deeply believe that He or She bears the absolute responsibility and honour of loving His or Her possession to be the most beloved and treasured property. Trust, absolute honesty and consent are non-negotiable requirements. Feel free to ask me anything, and I will answer honestly and forthrightly. -Daddy/Master Crusher