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STRICTLY OVER 18 ONLY> IF YOU ARE YOUNGER PLEASE LEAVE NOW….A UK swinging Female in a secure relationship who is bi-sexual, multiple partner exhibitionist  and total Nymphomaniac who finds sex wonderful and fulfilling and is allowed by her husband to fulfil all her dreams and desires. I have been a total nymphomaniac since the first time a guy put his cock in my mouth and shot his load right down my throat and then the first time I tasted the sweet juicy pussy of another woman. I loved the sensation and crave hot sticky cum and juicy pussies at every opportunity I get. As long as no-one gets hurt then the excitement of a new sexual adventure is wonderful. We both enjoy sex with other partners and I enjoy gang bangs and bukkake parties with multiple men and my hubby is happy with that. He is not a cuckold but a willing partner in my sexual adventures and just loves watching me being taken by new cocks and the more the merrier. He is always the last load I take when we have a sexy night and he is willing to clean me up afterwards. He his slightly bi-sexual also and is willing to fluff the men for me if that turns them on and they fancy having their cocks sucked by another man before finishing either in or on me. I swallow and take bukkake showers as I love the feeling of cum on my body and i like taste of cum. I am a totally greedy girl who loves sex with multiple partners and public sex with an audience. Ocassionally we will go Dogging as the feeling of raw sex is liberating. I Love sex and can’t get enough of it with either men or woman. I can be both dominant and submissive as long as I enjoy it. I enjoy receiving mild BDSM and we frequent a number of fetish clubs. I do however adore being a dominant female with submissive men and can be quite a cruel mistress teasing them to orgasm and am willing to provide golden showers to the many men who like that and I will receive them if I am in the mood. I love squirting on men and being squirted on by females i love the taste of their juices. Most of the sex is totally impersonal one night stands with guys I manage to pick up but over the years we have built up a number of close men and lady friends and even a couple of TS friends and submissive men, to whom I am their mistress, who are always willing to come round an perform with me if my girly parts get a bit tingly and I want a night of sex or a gang bang or bukkake  party with multiple partners, or want to have a night dominating a poor submissive guy or TS. I do not make contact over the internet as I have tried that and it just leads to loads of no-shows and last minute cancellations and I hate time wasters. I normally just hit on single men in the numerous swingers and fetish clubs we frequent, if I want a night of multiple partners. This means there is less chance of a no show and disappointment when a night with six has been arranged and only two bother to show up. My single partners I normally pick up personally and invite them back for fun. I always make sure they are aware hubby will be watching and if they want to pull out of the deal after finding that out, thats fine. Most of the content in this blog is not my property and have been re blogged from other sources. All images remain the copyright of their respective owners. If you are the owner of an image used on this blog, and would like it removed, please just ask or if you find your work here, just tell me and I will credit you.