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Valentino Vamp

A Pre-Raphaelite Child living in a modern world. Lover of many things modern & new, vintage & retro, classic & timeless. Lover of languages, cultures & history. Lover of music, art & travel. Lover of tastes, sights & sounds. Lover of Life. I’m Me. Who are you? My other tumblr: Simply Rufus, a tumblr dedicated to the English actor, Rufus Sewell. All images contained on this tumblr are the property of their respective owners. Valentino Vamp does not claim ownership, unless otherwise noted, of any image contained herein. All photos edited in Adobe Photoshop by me. Please do not save them for use on another blog without giving credit - reblog instead. :) Amazon.com Widgets var sc_project=7889751; var sc_invisible=1; var sc_security="d06232c1";