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Hello my name is Mike, I live in Pittsburgh, PA, and I have the most disgusting, vile, wicked thought life that is eternally worthy of the flames of hell and the fact that they are just thoughts doesn’t in the least make it okay all it means is given the right conditions I’d totes do at least half of em and yet through union with the crucified Lord my thought life is dead in Him and through union with the risen Lord my thought life is redeemed and shall one day be perfect. Also I like chicken, kittens and team fortress 2. And I do not follow people. I do interact with other blogs and if you like my post ill probably stalk your blog but for the sake of a clean dashboard and self control i do not follow anyone.Go here For questions onReformed TheologyLinksContact:Steam ID: mikestoleyobikeAIM/Email: mikestoleyobike@aim.comFacebook: meow Real Facebook: …no seriously just add my steam im on there 24/7