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Taíno Storyteller

Keyla & my dog Guayáon +++ *Puerto Rican Taíno Storyteller & Reconnection Leader* +++ [I identify as nonBlack outside of my Native community (as someone who does not experience antiBlackness in a Black family; someone who’s lived experiences differs from their parents and siblings due to colorism). I have a Black Native father and mixed Native mother. Siblings are Native Afro-Latinx. I identify differently within my Native community and our context.] +++ This is a Personal blog, Art and Inspiration blog. +++ Storyteller/Animator/Artist Queer ~ Trans Genderfluid/Nonbinary (they/them) Synesthetic - Sensory - Autistic Disabled & Ill +++ Indigenous talk found on Opiel. Any questions about Taíno connection, discussions, corrections, etc, will be directed here. +++ I enjoy animation, art, comic books, video games, fashion, photography, tons of other stuff, and reminders of home. I celebrate Indigenous life and people. I like dogs a lot. Caribbean people, places, and life celebration. +++ This blog centers Indigenous/People of Color: art & excellence, queerness, safety for the mentally ill, neurodiverse, physically disabled, and so on, and critically thinks against antiblackness and coloniality. +++ Posts/Me My Art, Crafts, Photography, My Comics and Animations Discussions - Gender and Sexuality Things - Disabled & Disorderly Talk - Healing - NDN +++ Disney - Miyazaki - Studio Ghibli - Bluth - Hosoda - Animators - Animations +++Movies - Cartoons - Anime Sailor Moon/Sera Myu/PGSM - Steven Universe. NGE. Pokemon/Digimon. Video Games +++ Fashion - Cuties - Photography - Blackout Toys - Costumes & Cosplay Art/Pixel Art - NSFW (art, comics, etc) Quotes +++ Marvel - DC - Comics +++ Animals - Taxidermy - Bones +++ Canines - Felines - Ungulates - Birds - Sea Creatures - Other Animals - Reptiles - Amphibians - Insects and Bugs - Dinos +++ Skulls - Bones - horns - Skeletons - Dead Animals - Taxidermy - Horror +++ Space, Stars, Universe - Scenery & Places - Trees - Plants and Herbs - Crystals/Rocks/Minerals - Food & Health