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Gallery of The Light Millennium - A SUNDAY IN OTTAWA

A SUNDAY IN OTTAWA - A photo essay by Bircan Ünver Introduction: I've arrived to the Ottawa Airport in the afternoon of Friday on March 13, 2015 for the "Historical Rights and Wrongs: WWI, Turkish Secularism and Religious Conflict" Conference at Carleton University, Canada on March 13-14. As soon as Iive checked-in at my hotel near to the airport, as first, I've asked about how I could go with public transportation to the Carleton University that the receptionist and everyone else were very helpful. So, as my very first experience there, I took both a bus and train for the Carleton Unıversity. Both were very clean, new with nice design cover blue or red chairs, TIMELY and fast. I arrived to the conference' venue about an hour ago and returned to the hotel in the same way. On Saturday, on March 14 mornıng, via a kind invitation by Prof. Edward Foster, I've joined to him that we went together wıth a taxi to the River Building of the university. I was scheduled to speak under the Session 3 in the afternoon of Saturdayö and also participated to a round-table as one of the panelists. (You may see the full program in the Conference's Photo Album). On the second day, and on the way back, at this time, I've convinced of Prof. Foster to take public transportation together. Bus + train or vise-verse; the connection works very well - timely and no traffic at all! It ıs also, as if, each time, it was a cross-cities travel that no traffic and no busy streets with full of buildings etc. So, I was at the conference for the full day with rest of the panelists and attendees of the conference. My return date was the next day on Sunday, March 15. Since I was there for the firt tıme, and only had been in between the hotel and the conference's venue at the Carleton University that I've decided to see a museum in Ottawa prior my flight back to New York (6pm). Once again, I've asked to the hotel receptionist about which museum that I can see and return to my hotel in order to pick up my luggage and be at the airport on time that should be around 4:00/4:15pm. As a result of provided information, I decided to go the MUSEUM OF CIVILIZATIONS. Everything worked out very well in both direction via public transportation and even I've returned to my hotel earlier than I planned. This was, also two important sections of the museum were closed for renovation that I've been told that those will be expanded and reopened in 2017! With that, I've also learned that the museum name has changed to MUSEUM OF HISTORY from the MUSEUM OF CIVILIZATIONS. As summary, the photos in this album represent a SUNDAY IN OTTAWA that including general scenes and from the museum both internal and external and around ıt as well as within the visible areas such as Parliament Building across to the museum, bridge, frozen river etc. Overall, Ottawa was all in snow and it was a snowy day on that Sunday morning. However, it was not too, cold. At least, I've felt that way after a long and harsh winter of New York. İn short, I had a great time both passing through and seeing the roads both with bus and train and the museum as well as taking these photos... Hoping that you will like them... Enjoy... Bircan Ünver The Light Millennium http://www.lightmillennium.org This album is created on March 29, 2015 - New York.

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