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Keyla - 24 - Currently Living on Seminole Lands Taíno - Puertorriqueñx - Cuentista - Artista (Animation/Illustration) - Reconnection Leader and Storyteller for my nation +++ Twitter +++ Synesthetic/Sensory/Autism/enfermx Queer - Trans Genderfluid/NonBinary - Elle/They/Them Pronouns +++ This blog will contain Trigger Warnings. If you need something tagged, send me a message. +++ [I identify as nonBlack outside of my Native community (as someone who does not experience antiBlackness in a Black family; someone who’s lived experiences differs from their parents and siblings due to colorism). I have a Black Native father and mixed Native mother. Siblings are Native Afro-Latinx. I identify differently within my Native community and our context.] +++ This blog contains: history, art, news, environment, update, discussions, queerness, safety for the mentally ill, neurodiverse, physically disabled, and so on. It will contain graphic content, graphic descriptions, discussions of slavery, trafficking, death, and other violent realities of our history and of today. It will also include language, health, food, and resources. +++ This blog, while mainly focusing on insular Caribbean islanders and island history, news, art, discussions, and celebration, and will include continental peoples and history (this includes the extension of Caribbean history that is attached to Florida, South America, and Central America). It will also include news, information, etc, of other Indigenous nations of Latin America. +++ I constantly critically think against antiBlackness and coloniality. As a person who does not experience antiBlackness, I am responsible in continuously analyzing myself and the way I think and what I say. If you see me say something that makes you uncomfortable, incorrect, triggering, misinformed, etc, please drop me a message! I am always open to criticisms or personal conversations! +++++ My Commentary My Twitter Asks/Responses Tags Page +++Other+++NDN/Indigenous Indigenous Commentary Signal Boost NonCaribbean A note: All things not related to the Caribbean will be filed under “NonCaribbean”.