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Breaking The Silence

BLOG DESCRIPTION: This blog is probably going to be the most scientific and logical of all my blogs – going beyond mere history and into Psychology, Sociology, and Social-Science. This blog is not about notes. It’s not about getting followers. Just as I am not your “Social Justice Warrior” or “Radical Feminist”. I am just one person that hopes to inform, enlighten and help other human beings. I am just one person who hopes more for the world than all the bullshit that we all choose to pretend doesn’t exist. This blog is: - Pro-Human Rights - Anti-Fascist - Anti-War - Anti-Capitalist - Anti-Racist - Anti-Sexist - Anti-Abelist - Anti-Mentalist - Anti-Bullying If you reblog any of my posts and add racist, classist, misogynistic, homophobic, or trans-phobic comments, your comments and your blog WILL be blocked. ABOUT ME: Background: I can describe myself as an Autistic, young women of color. I am a Jamaican-American of dual-citizenship born in the U.S. I am of Sub-Saharan African, South Asian (Indian), European (French, Irish, Scots-Irish), and East Asian (Chinese) descent. I identify with the socio-political concept of “blackness”, but I do not eat/sleep/breathe “race” like most people on Tumblr. While this is a hard concept for most U.S. citizens to grasp: West-Indians, in general, regardless of their ancestors’ geographical place(s) of origin – whether they are so-called “monoracial” or so-called “multiracial” or somewhere in-between – identify with their specific nationality first, the Caribbean region second, and their “race(s)” last. I am no different. [*Jamaica’s people includes those of Afro-descent, South-Asians (Indians; Bangladeshi; Pakistani), East-Asians (Chinese; Japanese; Koreans), Whites, Levanites (Syrians; Lebanese), Sephardi & Mizrahi Jews, Romani persons, and Indigenous people – and ANY and all mixtures of the those! The Afro-descent population, in particular – and way more than any other Jamaican population – is mixed. The Afro-Jamaican population is usually also of significant European, South Asian, East Asian, Jewish and Arab ancestry. With a sub-ethnic-group of the Afro-Jamaican population called “Jamaican-Maroons” being Afro-Indigenous. Jamaican Creole(s), Culture(s), Cuisine, Heritage & Nationality is a blend of many of the World’s groups, and we are proud of it!] “Out Of Many, One People” – Jamaican National Motto Sexuality: I am an Asexual “Heteromantic” (As in that I have little to no sexual desires or sexual interest but I’m strictly physically/emotionally/romantically attracted to cis-gendered heterosexual men. I’m pretty much “heterosexual” … without desiring to be sexual.) Activities: I enjoy writing/reading, drawing, acting/directing, sports (Skate-boarding, Bike-Riding, American Football, Basketball, Baseball, Rugby, Cricket …etc.), guitar-playing and listening to music. Religion: I am not apart of any organized religion, but I am a very spiritual person that believes in an “Universal Consciousness” and an spiritual after-life. I have explored many religions & spiritualties (including Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Wicca, and Santeria). Education: I’m a young women attending College, who wishes to go to Law School someday. I have always wanted a profession in Law, Medicine, or Politics. You Can “Ask” For Help: For many reasons, I refuse to give my real first name on the internet. If you are depressed, suicidal, or are experiencing abuse, you can always talk to me, though.

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