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The Knuckle Sammich

Email to hire me to gitcha bounty, ask advice, or go on a datebilly@theknucklesammich.com Hi, my name is Billy, and I’m a bounty hunter and all around badass. I used to be a pro wrassler, ‘til I killed that man in the ring. It was the 1990’s, and they had that NAFTA shit, and the Mexicans took my fucking job. So, now I use my talents as a bounty hunter. I love it. Stakeouts give me time to get caught up on my Faulkner and Twain, I’m always meeting new people, and I figure some day I can get me a big score and buy me a Winnebago and live down to the KOA camp ground and pursue my real dreams of being a professional demolition derby driver. I like long walks on the beach, Woody Allen movies, cooking, and poontang. Any girls wanna email me for a date, feel free. I’m totally CGF (Chunky Girl Friendly), so don’t be intimidated by my good looks. I have an extensive collection of Disney animated films and always got a pack or two of bacon in the freezer. Oh, and skinny girls, I’m happy to hang out with you, too. You’re way cheaper on the dinner budget. I’m a helluva shef. You can find some of my recipes on here. Like my Master Lucha Club Samwich or my Chocolate Fuck Cake. (I call it that, because it’s THAT good.) I’m currently in production on my own online television movie show with videos here on this site. So kids, remember, anytime that big old world out there gets you down, just think, “If Billy could make it big, something could happen to me too!” I’d like to thank my cousin Erik Dale Lundy for doing all this computer shit and filming my show! Twitter Go to cousin Erik Dale’s Website too