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Let's start over again

var ref = (''+document.referrer+''); document.write(''); New Info (7/28/11): I was told to remove complaints about life because I rarely do that, but I enjoy having the option to cry on your dashboards. The rest is basically the same. Except for copious amounts of Doctor Who. And possibly Sherlock. Old Info (10/28/10): Muse, Star Wars, complaints about life. Maybe some Palahniuk (You should read RANT). Probably some Pokemon stuff. Also, TF2 things and L4d! You can add me on steam if you find me. I made a papercraft Stormtrooper helmet and it’s the sexiest thing I own, so I flaunt it occasionally. May occasionally appear on Stickam/Tinychat things so you can adore my face. Ask me things because I’m good about responding? I dunno. Old info: Don’t even know why I have this, but follow me! May talk about Palahniuk, James Bond, Star Wars, Muse, and complain a lot. Muse runs through my veins, it’s kind of crazy.

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