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Live, laugh, love!!!

Well I never thought that I would have a hundred plus followers, so I guess I should introduce myself. First let me say that my post is definitely NSFW – so if you are under 18 (21) in some places, or you don’t fancy adult oriented material – please, please, please go away!!! Second, I do not, nor do I claim to posses ownership of any of the material posted or rather reposted (I do that a lot) on my site. I do not intentionally post copyrighted material. Anything I post I get from the public domain. If I post something of yours and you would like me to take it down, or give proper credit. Just let me know (provided you give proof to support your claim) and I will make changes as soon as possible. I generally use tumblr on my phone so it may take a min. I am a 39yr old black male from VA. While my site is NSFW I will post other things that I like. I’m into anime, manga, gaming, and art. I’m going to university for Visual Communications even though I am on hiatus at the moment. I love women of all shapes and sizes; ethnicities and nationalities. Notice I said ethnicity rather than race. Calling us races based on skin color is a lie. The term Race implies we are descended from different animals (there was a scientist can’t remember his name that tried to prove this and failed) but science has proven that every single person on Earth is descended from Adam N Eve or theoretic Adam N Eve if that’s your belief. So if we are all descended from the same mother and father – how can we be different races??? I like to talk and I am long winded as you can see. I don’t like ignorance. So if you are good and ghetto keep it to yourself. It’s not that I think I am better than anyone; it just makes me feel like you have no respect for yourself and if you have no respect for yourself – how can you possibly have respect for anyone else??? That being said, feel free to hit me up anytime I love to talk and will talk about anything. Do you have question? I will answer them honestly. Peace and hope to hear from you soon!!!