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Jackpot247.com - Live Dealer

Want to play to best Live Casino Games, including fast-paced, fun roulette? Simply tune into ITV Monday to Friday, from 00:30 to 03:00, and you can play the jewel in Jackpot247’s crown, Roulette as seen on ITV. More than just roulette, Roulette as seen on ITV is a live casino game event. Enjoy a bit of banter with our friendly presenters while deciding where you think that all important little silver ball is going to land. Choose from a range of table bets, with odds varying from even stevens for the iconic red or black, to 35 – 1 for a Straight Up (single number) bet. There’s a bet to suit all players when it comes to roulette, whether you like to keep things simple or play a brave and bold game of big odds. If you’re usually tucked up in bed when the show is on ITV, you can also watch from the earlier time of 22:00 on freeview 39, 365 days a year. You also have the option of playing online, or on the go on your mobile, iPhone or iPad, so you can play when, where and how you like. For those who want to lose the chat and have more spins, Roulette Express and Roulette Express Premium should be the Live Games of choice. Both games are streamed live to the web, 24/7 365 days a year, and Roulette Express Premium can also be watched live on Sky 866, from 04:00 to 18:00. Like Roulette as seen on TV, Roulette Express can also be played on a mobile, iPhone or iPad, so you can play online casino games on the go. Jackpot247’s other great live roulette games include Live Roulette and Double Up Roulette, meaning that you get an amazing choice of fun games, available either on TV, online or on the go.