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Rebel Base

Ok, so I got turned on to Tumblr by one of my best friends. I came for the pics. I stayed to post the ones I have found on the net over the years. None of these pictures are mine nor do I make such a claim.The majority of my pics and videos are definitely NSFW. I am bisexual and proud of it so my pics and videos will be gay, straight, bi, t-girls and some yaoi/hentai. I will occasionally post my humorous rantings. Please note: THIS IS AN ADULTS ONLY BLOG!!! If you are here and not over the age of 18 please leave! If there is something you like ask I more than likely have it on a hard drive somewhere. None of the photos are vids linked to are me unless noted, or by me and credit is ascribed to the original sources when possible. If a picture is requested to be pulled I will gladly comply. Please sign up to monitor the systems sensors to watch for Imperial Fleet activity; watch out for wampas when out on tauntaun patrol, avoid Skywalker and his “lightsaber” since he doesnt know how to use the damn thing and is prone to prematurely actuate it; and above all enjoy the sights and sounds of my pervy Rebel Base.