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Welcome To Healing In The 21st Century!

  [http://1-healing.com/]Welcome to 1-Healing.com - Modern 21st Healing for people who live in the REAL world. Here, we collect information about healing approaches, methods, tips and real healing techniques that are APPROPRIATE and APPLICABLE for MODERN people. Even if you are lucky enough to live in nice country side or you have a lovely garden, the way our societies work these days, and the experiences that modern people have makes for very different situations than our ancestors would have encountered. WE WANT TO FIND INFORMATION AND HEALING TECHNIQUES THAT WORK TODAY. SOME ARE BRAND NEW, OTHERS HAVE STOOD THE TEST OF TIME AND ARE STILL WORKING WELL. We hope you will find something to inspire you to look further! With all our best wishes for your health and healing, THE 1-HEALING.COM TEAM THEAMT - THE GUILD OF ENERGISTS [http://theamt.com/]