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kasialeto6277's Journals on Buzznet

Hi, my name is Katherine. I live in Warsaw, which is capital city of Poland. I'm a huge HIM fan and I'm also member of Polish HIM Fan Club - Heartagram Poland. Here are my pages: on YouTube as HimVilleValoPoland on Valo Daily as HimWarsawPoland on Myspace as katherine_screamworks_pl I've heard about HIM in 1998. I watched on VIVA television Overdrive with HIM and I fell in love with this band. I was surprised how creatively Ville performed songs such as: It's All Tears (Drown In This Love), The Heartless, When Love And Death Embrace, Wicked Games, For You. I knew it would be a fascination not for a month but for years :) Ville Valo is very talented and charismatic singer with unbelievable dark, soft, sensual voice. Welcome on my page which is dedicated to VILLE HERMANNI VALO and to Finnish band HIM :)