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attend the minute particulars

My name is Danielle.My Etsy Shop Take a peek at my art. Face.“Attention to attention, or paying attention to the nuances of cognition, is a psychedelic way of being, a refined art of awareness of the tensions and nuances in the moment. The psychedelic experience is simply a compressed instance of what we call understanding, so that living psychedelically is trying to live in an atmosphere of continuous unfolding of understanding, so that every day you know more and see into things with greater depth than you did before. This is a process of education.When asked what the secret of his angelic poetry was, Blake said: "Attend the minute particulars.” That’s all. Focus attention in the moment. Do not betray attention into expectation borne of abstraction, or regret borne of misplaced assumption, or remembrance borne of boredom and alienation in the moment. Attend the minute particulars as a kind of practice.Cultivate an ongoing stream of self-description, telling yourself what is happening. Get used to the idea that mind can penetrate the immediate surface of being and reveal the tactile density of it as a manifold whose measure cannot be immediately taken by the eyes, that it’s deep, it’s connected, it’s complex. Everything holds within itself the anticipation and the memory of everything else.“—Terence McKenna distilled from the public talk"Nature is the Center of the Mandala”