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More than HALF of pet dogs are carrying antibiotic-resistan...in their diarrhea that spreads easily to humans, study reveals

Scientists in China found antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria in the majority of dogs with diarrhea that were tested in a new study. Most of them had at least one of these so-called 'superbu...


The big recyclable plastic lie EXPOSED: Major plastic produ...ling products was neither economically or practically possible

A new report has shared internal memos and documents from Big Oil companies and plastic makers, revealing thee groups knew for decades that recycling is not a a permanent solution.


Cat got your tongue? How AI could is on cusp of breakthroug... people and ANIMALS to talk to each other in '12 to 36 months'

Researchers around the world are using 'digital bioacoustics' - tiny, portable, digital recorders - to capture the sounds, tics and behaviors of animals too quiet or nuanced for us to pick up on.


Dead dolphin bleeding from its eye and jaw that washed up o...sonar blasting from  offshore wind farm companies is to blame

A dead dolphin found on a beach in Avalon has sparked an investigation into its cause of death. Locals claim the dolphin died from sonar blasting, but experts say a necropsy needs to be done.


Potentially toxic microplastics are found in 100 PERCENT of... who say 'all mammalian life on this planet could be impacted'

In a study involving 62 donor placentas, scientists found that 100 percent of the samples contained microplastics or even smaller nanoplastics. The health implications are not yet clear, though.


Report reveals why disgruntled Apple customers are returnin...in issues to it being 'overpriced' and painfully uncomfortable

Just two short weeks since the Apple Vision Pro's launch, customers are returning it. They report being disenchanted with its lack of offerings, lack of comfort, and high price tag, among other r...