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Fossilised dinosaur eggs reveal the two-legged Oviraptorids hatched in the same way as modern birds

Scientists have fired neutrons at fossilised dinosaur eggs from around 67 million years ago to determine the growth stages of the embryos and how they compare to modern-day birds.


TikTok sparks more rumors of paid streaming service in licensing deal that adds THOUSANDS of labels

In addition to a broader library of music for users to choose from, the deal also signals that the social media giant will eventually roll out a rumored music streaming service reportedly called ...


Spotify tests new 'Stories' feature that lets influencers incorporate videos into public playlists

The feature imbues playlists with short videos that users can optionally click on and watch more. Users can tap through similar to story features in other platforms like Instagram or Snapchat.


Canoo opens waitlist for its electric 'lounge car' which drivers lease with a monthly subscription

Canoo has rolled out 'The First Wave' ahead of the official 2021 launch for its 'lounge' electric vehicles that lets consumers join a waitlist and gain points in order to be at the top of the lis...


Russian seals are struggling to mate as record high temperatures have prevented sea ice from forming

Record high temperatures in Russia this winter have become an obstacle for ringed seals and grey seals that live in the water near St. Petersburg, as sea ice they use for mating has failed to for...


Young beetles engage in sibling rivalry when competing for parental attention just like children

The difference between sibling rivalry and sibling cooperation in the common 'burying' sexton beetle, which feed on the corpses of dead animals, can be attributed to the presence of the parent.


To preserve the Lord Howe woodhen from extinction, scientists exterminated all of an island's rats

Researchers on Lord Howe Island in Australia have reported their plan to reintroduce a species of near extinct bird after the largest ever rodent eradication program on an island has been a succe...


Porn site's massive data leak exposes addresses, credit cards, passports of thousands of performers

More than a dozen affiliate live cam sites that boasts around 66 million registered users, were found storing sensitive records of models in an unsecured database according to researchers.


Apple customers say latest updates of $250 AirPod Pro killed the earbuds' noise-cancelling feature

According to a report from The Verge , reports of a diminished ability to block out environmental noise - noise cancelling - have flooded online forums after a tandem of firmware updates.


Toyota partners with high-flying aviation startup to design a fleet of fast and affordable air taxis

This will be the second round of funding from Toyota, and will nearly triple previous investment from the auto giant to $394 million. Joby has raised $720 million in the nearly 10 years it's been...