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Just A Lonely Mercenary

Eversince The Island of Hawaii was annexed to the United States, The Flying Legion; former protectors of the city of Cape Suzette, has been permanently disbanded. as a vetran of many sorties and airpirate battles it is hard for me to return to my homeland with my head held high. I have lost purpose. But there is hope! With a bit of luck and a little magic one day i will be able to Fly for the Sweet Apple Empire! If only Lord Darth Applejack will acknowlege my recruitment ;^_^ In the mean time ask this former thief and mercenary pilot a question or two to pass the time. sinc yours, Captain, Benjamin Rico Cooper Formerly of Kaun’s Flying Legion! WARNING this blog contains NSFW reblogged art! No little fillies or colts or cubs or pups or kittens, joeys, etc etc allowed! PS. You can follow another WWII related friend of mine. her name is Fuhrerfilly and she is the daughter of Adolf Hitler and Lesson Zero Twilight Psycho. Give her a follow and or ask her some questions http://anticsponydisciple.tumblr.com/ and hurry, she gets bored easily and you wouldnt like her when she’s bored ;3