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Robert's Blog

My blog is for men only please; I only want men to follow me. I love men and only men. Yes, I am Gay and proud of it. I am also a Fag as I love to service men and only men and not with shame to be called a Faggot as I enjoy sucking, fucking and making love to men. A man’s body is so sexy to me. So …. I love men and before you start reading my Blog, please remember this is an adult site and you must be at least Twenty-one years old (21) to read and enjoy this site. If you are not please move on. Thank you and we can talk when you are older. My gay fantasies played out through pictures of hot sexy hairy hunky men. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. - Enjoy! Being a gay man myself, I would love to be in a relationship, to be with my man; sucking him off, licking him, kissing him, hugging him, fucking him and of a course having him fuck me. Pure hot sex! Oh well - A guy can dream once in awhile. Did I mention that I love Men? Tall, handsome, built to perfection with a nice hairy chest, hot package (big bulging dick and balls) with a nice smile. Oh - I can’t forget the sexy blue eyes! I love sucking cock and swallowing cum! I am a True Cocksucker and proud to be able to suck men’s cocks. I also enjoy having my face fucked! I love to deep throat any man. Can you tell by the pictures that I love to suck cock and swallow cum? You can fuck my face anytime you want. I love men and love having sex with men Did I mention I love to give blow jobs in my profile? Well I really love giving head. So if you need a blow job please call, email or text me. I’ll take care of all your dicks needs. Did I also mention that I love to suck dick in cars? Well I do, I love sucking the driver while he is driving or resting I just love sucking dick. What about uniform men or business suit men you ask? - another one of my specialties; I love sucking off a man in a uniform or a nice business suit especially as I undress him one piece of clothing at a time; I get a thrill out of the package I find inside; a nice hot cock and ball set to suck on all night. My pleasure is giving head - I am a true Cocksucker. I am a chest man - I love a nice hairy man’s chest with sexy nipples to suck on and caress. I also enjoy licking a nice hairy man’s armpit. Notice the trend - I love men! I enjoy Daddies as well - especially a Daddy who wants to fuck me and fuck my mouth all night log. I could suck cock till the cows come home. I am just getting into kissing with my men; I love kissing men. So sexy. I love gay porn and masturbate to most movies I watch. I enjoy masturbating over hot men. Real hot sext hairy men! I am a true Fag and it doesn’t bother me to be called a “Fag” or “Faggot”. I love having sex with men and proud of it. I cannot be bullied. I love being fed a hot cock! I love giving Blow Jobs - I’ve been told that I am better at giving than receiving. I guess they are correct as I LOVE to give a Blow Job to any guy willing to receive them. I also enjoy sucking off men in their cars - this is hot for me. I love to suck a guy while he is driving. Licking his hot balls and sucking his dick - then swallowing the great surprise at the end. This is a delicious sex addiction of mine. I love sucking men off. My throat is always thirsty for a dick and always ready to swallow cum. I enjoy sucking cock so much (can you tell?) I love gay porn and all men to men action, top or bottom it doesn’t matter; just as long as it is gay sex. I love having sex with a man. The best thing to do during a snow storm is to stay inside by the fire and cuddly with your man and keep each other warm and satisfied. All this hot sexy gay porn gets me so hard and excited. I get so horny that I end up masturbating through most of the pictures. I then blow my load with so much excitement that I lick it all up. Thank you all for the great pictures on your blogs that I re-blog and love so much. Sorry Ladies - I am not interested! (Men only please); as you ladies can see, I only LOVE men and all men. No women. I am gay and glad to be gay. Because I love men - they have more to play with, if you catch my drift. How do you tell your best friend, who is straight, that you want him to fuck you? He will let me blow him anytime but now I want more than a cock down my throat, I want him to fuck me. Oh well this is the stress I have to live with. I love MEN! Just a quick reminder - I love sucking cock and swallowing cum. The best thing about me is having your dick in my mouth! I am proud to be called a FAG or FAGGOT; these names do not bother me as I am a FAG and proud to be a FAG. I love men and I love sucking cock, so what else can I say. Yes a FAG and proud to be of service to ALL men. So if you are reading this please whip it out and I will suck you off and give you the best blow job of your life! I am always horny and enjoy looking at Men’s bulges in tight jeans or flapping in their business suits, Men’s chest, Men’s cock, Men’s pre-cum, Men in tight jeans with great packages. What else can I say “I love Men” I need to change careers - I want to become a full fledge Cocksucker! As you can see I love sucking cock, so I am now a COCKSUCKER! My deceased favorite celebrities are John F Kennedy, Jr., Rock Hudson, Montgomery Clift and Perry Como who I wish I had sex with. My favorite celebrities that I want to have sex with are Daniel Craig, Hugh Jackman, Alex O'Loughlin, Sean Connery, Matt Lauer, Kevin Costner, Joe Penny, Fred Dryer, Anderson Cooper, Sean Connery, Bradley Cooper and Tim Allen. My favorite Porn stars to have sex with are Paul Wagner, Vince Susik, Chad Brock, Scott Carter, Kent Larson, Chad Hunt, Gus Mattox, Trevor Knight, Simon Dexter, Jake Geneis, Michael Brandon, Vincent Greco , Rick Sinz, Austin Wilde, Chris Rockway, Kent Larson, Antonio Biaggi , Will Helm, Dayton OConnor, Jeff Stryker, Leo Bramm, Matthew Ford, Matt Sizemore, Tim Kruger, Spencer Reed, Jack Ryan, Parker Williams, Trevor Knight, Dean Flynn, Samuel Colt, Tim Kruger, Ivan Daniloff, Owen Hawk, Matthew Matter, Troy Punk, Vincent, Ricky Sinz, Ken Ryker, Gunner, Nick Marino, Matt Summers, Ryan Idol, Adam Russo, Brad Kalvo, Austin Masters, Jimmy Fanz, Parker Williams, Morgan Black, Paul Johnson, Shawn Loftis (Colin O'Neal) and Dan Fisk - I guess I just love Gay Porn Men, by this listing I love ALL men! I will always favor Jake Genesis, Paul Wagner and Brad Kalvo. Their pictures are hanging in my bedroom so I can jerk off each morning and evening when I see their hot sexy bodies. Life is good! If I missed any Gay porn stars please call me and I will add you to my list after we have had core gay sex! I love to service men for ALL their sex needs! I also love CUM - I love to play in it, swallow it, lick it, just about anything with a batch of hot, salty flowing down my throat cum. - YUM! Men, Men, Men, Men - I just love ALL men; hot men, handsome men, rough men, businessmen, hung men, sexy men. MEN - I dream of having sex with them nightly and I awake with cum all over my sheets. Talk about your perfect dream - sex with men! I so need to suck a dick - please call me if you need a good long hot blow job! I just love MEN - period! A few quotes from my past: “You have the whitest teeth I’ve ever cum across” “Would you like a job planting Tulips? - OK then plant your two lips here (pointing to my dick)” “Do you like to jog? - OK then do a few laps around this (pointing to my dick)” “Do you want to go have some fun? - OK reach down my pants and have a ball” I want to suck a cock - who needs a blow job? Or should I say who wants a blow job? I have an addiction I need to tell everyone; I am addicted to men. I love men, I love having sex with men, I love to make love to men, I love to kiss men, I love to suck men’s dicks and I love to lick men’s bodies all over. I love MEN! Any guy who needs a passenger to take a long ride - please let me know - I love giving “Road Head” on long trips. I am ALWAYS available to suck your dick to ease the long journey. I love to suck cock and I believe I give the best blow jobs - ask any of my friends. They all love me for what I do for them when their wives are away. They fuck, kiss and make male love to me all night/weekend long when their wives are away. My man hole and mouth fits all their needs. I swallow their hot delicious salty cum and please all their sexual needs from licking their delicious ass to sucking on their sexy hairy nipples and working my way to their nice armpits to their sexy lips and then back down on my knees to lick their balls like ice cream and suck on their huge manly dicks. I love my best straight friends and I know they love me for my hot gay sex. Dicks were made for sucking and who knows better on how to suck a dick than another man! ME! I so love sucking dick and swallowing a nice hot salty load; My best friend calls it a Batch! Whatever you call it I want to swallow it. Can you tell I am in love with gay porn star Paul Wagner. I would love to make love to him all day and night long. Sucking his cock, licking his balls, lapping at his sexy hairy nipples, kissing his delicious lips and eating out his hungry ass. Not to mention fucking him in the mouth and ass after he fucks my mouth and ass. I love to suck and swallow !! Merry Christmas to all my hot men; I have a Christmas present for each and everyone of you. Please stop by my house and I will give you the BEST Christmas Blow job you will ever receive and remember I swallow! Then we can fuck all night long if you wish. This is my Christmas present to you. Please stop over anytime anyday my mouth is eager to suck you off and I am starving for your hot fresh salty cum down my hungry throat. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!