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Maxim - Entertainment

Welcome to Maxim's entertainment haven, stuffed with more movies, music, TV, games and comics than you could shake a remote at.Before heading to your nearest gaming store, check out our page for killer reviews on the latest videogames. If you're still not convinced by our reviews and previews, check out our collection of exclusive clips to get a taste of what could turn out to be your new favorite videogame. Be sure to check out our coverage of major videogame events like E3 as well – even if it's just to see which hot girls were hanging out at our annual E3 party.If you're more of a movie addict, we have a huge archive of interviews with Hollywood's top actors and actresses, from action stars to comedy icons to the silver screen's sexiest sirens. You can also watch exclusive movie clips from films that haven't even been released in theaters yet. And if those clips don't convince you to go buy a ticket, maybe our panel of expert canine reviewers from our regular "This Week's Movies Rated (By Dogs)" column will.Take a look at our TV section to get the run-down on the week's hottest shows, and more importantly, learn which ones you should avoid unless you're stranded on a deserted island and you only have a one-channel TV (because obviously your deserted island will definitely be equipped with a TV). You can also catch up on shows by checking out which ones have been released on DVD, and by watching exclusive clips you won't find anywhere else. Too much effort? Try browsing the many sexy small screen actresses featured in our daily "Today's Girl" section.More of a music guy? Our music section is stuffed with new releases, interviews with bands and solo artists, entertaining music videos and photo galleries of many of the beautiful women of the industry. If comics are more your thing, head straight to that channel, where you can find exclusive comic previews of your favorite series. Don't forget to skim through the insanity we've seen at Comic Con for the past few years, complete with survival guides, photo galleries and lots of videos of hot girls dressed as superheroes. We may not have the urge to dress up as a Transformer every day, but we have no problem meeting the girls who do.