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The Hawk Nest

I’m Winger-Hawk. Live in too-sunny Southern California. And I only joined Tumblr because I got sick of checking five different Captain Swan Once Upon a Time blogs several times a day. Thus, I joined so I can get them all on one dashboard all at once. Otherwise, I’m not a joiner. OUAT is the only fandom I really participate in, because I feel it’s the ONLY show on TV that tells a broader story its symbolism and the contrasts between its characters, thus I feel it’s the only one that warrants a deeper analysis than my other favorite shows. But only just. I watched the pilot episode of Once live, left when they killed off Graham, stumbled onto the 3B premier, discovered CS, and my true obsession began. I enjoy character analyses, plot analyses, analyses of the symbolism and practically anything about the show that can broaden my understanding of the characters and the plot. Fair warning - though I AM biased towards CS, I like to remain fairly objective and absolutely ABHOR double standards, so I’m not afraid to call “bullshit”. I believe everybody is human, and a human is no angel. I graduated from UC Berkeley with an Astrophysics degree. I am an agnostic, and a moderate independent. Thus, I am dead CENTER on just about EVERYTHING (from religion to politics) and love to keep an open mind. But I still refuse to stomach bullshit. Oh…and I don’t cater to the “us vs them” attitude. Let’s celebrate our differences, but recognize that we are ALL part of ONE group - the human race.

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