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Satan's Hell Fury

Father to My Daughter/ http://therealdaughterofsatan.tumblr.com/ My Daughter’s Blog is http://therealdaughterofsatan.tumblr.com/ Obviously This Blog SatansHellFury is still a Blog for us to communicate. Occasionally I’ll post stuff that she for one reason or another isn’t comfortable posting on Her Own Blog. Other than that the only thing that has changed is now My Daughter has Her Own Blog to post whatever. ;) This is my blog. Satan Lucifer the Devil. This is meant to be a place where my Daughter and Myself can be free to be ourselves and talk about things without being judged. It’s also for our Friends and Family to talk freely as well! Stuff you will more than likely see is NSFW stuff. Pictures, drawings, writing, photographs, etc that can be or more than likely are offensive. I don’t filter what I say or how I say it. I taught my Daughter to be the same way. Warning the stuff here is offensive if you don’t like it don’t watch it or read it. It’s an adult blog!! Also…..my Daughter is over the legal age limit for a lot of stuff she’s into so don’t start with crap about being a good parent. This place is meant to be a place for us to vent, and just be ourselves. It’s not meant for anything other than a blog. And if you don’t like what we say again don’t read it or look or watch it. WARNING OFFENSIVE STUFF YOU MAY SEE INCLUDES (but is not limited to) adult themed art work done by either Myself or my Daughter, or one of our Friends or one of our Family members Adult themed means anything you can think of when you think “adult” BDSM themes Sexual themes Anti christian/god/jesus/heaven themes Gore, blood, horror, violence themed artwork by my Daughter or Myself or one of our Friends or Family members Horror, goth, gothic and morbid themed artwork by Myself or My Daughter or one of our Friends or Family members Pictures/photographs found on the Internet that interest us Sayings and/or quotes that interest us Vents, rants that may be offensive Us just being us A Father and Daughter just being themselves A Father and Daughter and their Friends and Family just being themselves Ok to sum it up here is what you will likely see here in an actual list: Adult themes BDSM Incest Consensual incest Sex S & M D/s Edge play Blood play Roleplaying Sex roleplaying Mature themes Mature artwork, writings, song lyrics, poems and pictures/photographs Adult talk Offensive talk Daddy/little girl talk Master/sub talk Master/slave talk Dominatrix in training talk Dominatrix talk Daddy/baby girl talk Satanic themes Dungeon talk Casual talk of stuff that isn’t casual Orgies Threesomes Foursomes Girl on girl Anime Manga Hentai Japan Japanese culture Lesbians Bisexual Pansexual Horror movies Musings Fake murder scenes/pictures using props Fake abuse scenes/pictures with props Fake torture scenes/pictures with props Polyamory Multiple relationships Really close knit family Boy on boy Hell themes Demons Devils Occult Fairies Mermaids Mermen Elves Books Movies Fantasy Mythology Disclaimer basically no one under 21 or who is extremely close minded or grossed out by kinky sex. No one who wants to tell me that having a relationship with my Daughter is wrong. No bible thumpers, no religious zealouts. No telling us we’re going to hell we already know we are we’re just trying to make extra sure that we do! ;) Disclaimer part two I roleplay as Satan, my Daughter in real life is an actual consenting adult over 21 and she roleplays as Satan’s Daughter. I have mostly one night stands and not serious relationships. Her Fiancé is monogamous as far as his relationship with my Daughter but is also open minded about sex. Disclaimer part three my Daughter is engaged to a man, not me. She and I are in a relationship too. She has I believe three girlfriends and one boyfriend. Disclaimer part four we take care of each other so if you mess with any of us we will all mess with you right back. We are like a Pride of Lions or a Pack of Wolves, we protect, accept and love each other. We don’t judge each other, we don’t resist our carnal desires. Disclaimer part five I’m known for my sarcasm and I can be vindictive learn the difference. I raised my Daughter to be the same way. Disclaimer part six if you have any questions feel free to ask. Also if anyone ever writes on this blog besides me it will probably be one of the following: My Daughter - “Dearest” Her Fiancé - “Silver” aka “Mine Beloved” One of her girlfriends (they each have an alias) her boyfriend (he’ll have an alias). If one of them is writing you’ll know. Also we tell each other everything, and I mean everything. We all talk openly to each other. We have no secrets. So if you think we’re dysfunctional and you can tear us apart easily just for laughs, you can either try and watch as we rip you to shreds or you can go back the way you came in.