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Trac Report - = Welcome to MixS Tracker = This is a feature request and bug tracker for MIGS/MIMS/MIMARKS=MIxS checklists of the [http://gensc.org/gc_wiki/index.php/Main_Page Genomic Standards Consortium]. [http://gensc.org/gc_wiki/index.php/MIGS/MIMS MIGS/MIMS (Minimum Information About a (Meta)Genome Sequence)] outlines a conceptual structure for extending the core information that has been traditionally captured by the INSDC (DDBJ/EMBL/Genbank) to describe genomic and metagenomic sequences. More information on MIGS/MIMS can be found on the [http://gensc.org/gc_wiki/index.php/MIGS/MIMS MIGS/MIMS homepage]. [http://gensc.org/gc_wiki/index.php/MIMARKS MIMARKS (Minimum Information about a MARKer gene Sequence)], is based on the MIGS/MIMS specification. It is a consensus on an ideal and minimum set of contextual data that should be reported for marker genes. The [http://gensc.org/gc_wiki/index.php/MIMARKS MIMARKS standard] extends the MIGS/MIMS specification for genomes and metagenomes by adding two new report types, a “MIMARKS-survey” and a “MIMARKS-specimen”, the former being the checklist of choice for uncultured diversity marker gene surveys, the latter designed for marker gene sequences obtained from cultured organisms or any material identifiable via voucher specimens. More information can be found on the [http://gensc.org/gc_wiki/index.php/MIMARKS MIMARKS homepage]. MIxS checklists, are ‘living checklists’ and not final specifications. Therefore, further developments, extensions, and enhancements will be recognized via this tracker page. The final decisions about implementation of features, enhancements and defects will be concluded by working groups within the Genomics Standards Consortium. Improved versions of the checklists, if necessitated, will be released annually, while preserving the validity of former versions. = How to use the Ticket system = Since the ticket system was spammed, you need to request an account from admins. Please send an email to either pyilmaz (at) mpi-bremen.de or rkottman (at) mpi-bremen.de. Once you get an account setup: click "Login" in the menu bar above enter the provided username and password Click on "New Ticket" in the menu bar above or just simply [/newticket follow this link] Reporting enhancements/defects * Please provide an informative, yet concise summary to your ticket * Description should be used to give more detailed information about the suggested enhancements/defect, i.e. I would like to have xyz field in the a environmental package, because this is very relevant to such studies * You can select in the 'TYPE' field, whether your query should be considered as an enhancement or defect * You can also set a 'PRIORITY' to your ticket, depending how severe the issue is * Finally, you should select the correct 'COMPONENT' for your query; is it the MIGS checklist, or the environmental packages? * If you like to receive email notifications about a ticket you create, please add your email address in the "Reporter" field (first field) * Finally, please help us to avoid duplicated tickets: * Usage of relevant keywords for your ticket is encouraged! * Make sure, the issue isn't already reported using the search page * If you feel your problem is related, but not identical, you may add new comments to existing tickets == Ticket overview ==