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FilipinoWriter.com - Empowering the Filipino Writer and Reader

Welcome to FilipinoWriter.com!FilipinoWriter.com aims to help every kind of Filipino writer –- technical, commercial and literary -- improve his or her lot, especially financially. It also aims to encourage Filipinos to read works by Filipino writers, and thus promote a "reading culture" among Filipinos. Finally, Filipinowriter.com aims to popularize Filipino-written works in the international scene.To achieve these goals, we need your help. You can start by registering and creating an account –- it's FREE. (Non-Filipino writers and readers are also welcome to register and participate). Once registered, start helping build our community by exploring the site and posting your works (in English/Filipino/Taglish) and/or sharing your ideas via blogs, forums, groups, and other content types. Just check the FAQ section and the Submission Guidelines to learn more. Hope you'll stay with us for the long haul as we embark on our noble journey!