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Smiling Makes Inner Light Emit (S.M.I.L.E.)

Pongo. Portland, OR. Vegan. Free Spirit. Happy. Explorer. Things I Like: Piercings. Tattoos. The Earth. Traveling. Winter. Poetry. Reading. Writing. Skating. Photography. Sleeping All Day. Staying Up Late. Music. Horror Movies. Paintings. Animals. Snow. Imagination. Bad Words. Night Time. Video Games. Things I Dislike: Snobs. Liars. Boredom. Country music. Overly Hot Weather. Annoyances. Stress. Bad Oral Hygiene. Being Alone For Long Periods Of Time. Know-It-Alls. Meat. Homophobes. . Muscle Cramps. Chores. Lack Of Creativity. I try to be as real as I can and don’t let anything hold me back. I am living life to the fullest.