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A Gallery of Thrones

A collection of original fan art inspired by GRRM’s A Song of Ice and Fire & HBO’s Game of Thrones. Featuring a wide variety of styles & themes, updated multiple times a day. Please note: this IS NOT a spoiler-free blog. Peruse at your own risk! SUBMISSIONS are open to anyone wanting to share their ASOIAF Fan Art, and are posted on Fridays. ACCEPTED: 2D and digital drawings, paintings, illustrations; crafts, sculpture, anything handmade or One of A Kind; NOT ACCEPTED: Animated Gifs, Cosplay pics, Minimalist posters, Graphics with GoT photos / text, designs meant to be mass printed. (Sorry.) SUBMIT YOUR ART HERE *****************************My name is Annie. I’m an artist and illustrator. I’ve read all of the books twice; I spend a lot of time on r/asoiaf, r/gameofthrones, and in meta discussions in the ASOIAF tag on tumblr. My favorite character is Sandor Clegane ‘cos he is a BAMF. Art Blog: ANNIE STUARTPersonal Blog: HELIOTROPA Dwarf Blog: BOUND for EREBOR

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