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KNIGHT RIDER RADIO is a KryKey Premium Internet Radio Station! We bring a wide variety of entertainment to the net and to our listeners. Also cater to the indie artist to promote there music and talent! We bring it to the people and for the people!!! KNIGHT RIDER RADIO will not be held responsible for ANY broadcast made on KNIGHT RIDER RADIO servers, all our DJs assume full responsibility for any broadcast mass. Please note that we are NOT govern by FCC laws. This means that certain words played or said on any of our stations do not legally have to be censored. As a result, we will not censor any of its broadcasts. Any Broadcast deemed inappropriate by a listener is respected and a listener is asked to e-mail: krrndj@gmail.com Copyright 2005-2016 KNIGHT RIDER RADIO , Ltd All Rights Reserved. I have operated and owned this internet radio network for 10 years and do mobile Dee Jay on the side. Here is article that was done on my station and myself a few years ago! Shepherdsville man features musicians on his own Internet radio station By Emily Hagedorn • ehagedorn@courier-journal.com • April 7, 2010 As Tony Cullip puts it, his setup is “a little ‘Wayne’s World.‘” But instead of a cable-access television show being filmed in a basement — as featured in the 1992 film starring Mike Myers and Dana Carvey — Cullip produces an Internet radio station, Knight Rider Radio, from his Shepherdsville bedroom. A 65-inch television, which doubles as a third computer monitor, sits a few feet from his daybed. A small desk between the TV and bed hold laptop and desktop computers and a microphone. A set of headphones is wrapped around his bedpost. Despite the modest setup, Cullip, a.k.a. DJ Knightman, has maintained his radio , which plays music and features interviews with musicians, for five years. “We are live, and we have Jayc Harold here in the studio,” Cullip, 44, said during a recent show, in which he interviewed Harold, a honky-tonk gospel singer from Nashville. Harold, 39, sat on Cullip’s bed, strumming his guitar, while Cullip sat in his desk chair. “Nobody move, and don’t touch that mouse,” Cullip told the invisible audience. Harold is Cullip’s first live, in-person interview. He has done roughly 150 interviews over the phone, mostly with independent artists he has found online or through promoters. A fan of David Hasselhoff and all things technical — Get it? Knight Rider? — Cullip started the radio station as a hobby, and it has grown from there. Since the end of September 2009, the site has been viewed more than 7,600 times. “I do this for the love of music,” he said. “I’d sweep floors at a radio station just to be around it, just to feel that excitement.” But by having an Internet radio station, Cullip and his guests can pretty much say and do what they want. The Federal Communications Commission does not apply. Also, Cullip specializes in featuring independent artists who aren’t usually played on FM airwaves. “I’m for the little guy,” he said. “It’s not easy for artists to be heard on many stations. “I have that outlet for them, and I do the best I can.” Cullip features a lot of country music but also branches out into other genres. He has interviewed DaVaughan Reardon, a.k.a. Bonanza.P, a Louisville-based rock, R&B and hip-hop artist four times in the past year. Cullip differs from a lot of Internet radio deejays in that he interviews musicians, instead of just playing music, Reardon said. “He keeps grabbing fans every step of the way,” he said. Internet radio have given Reardon another place to put out his music. “Any kind of promotion helps, whether it be small or big,” said Reardon, 20, who hasn’t signed with a recording company. “I’m like a guy looking for a girlfriend right now. I’m single; please pick me up.” Harold can attest to breaking from the mainstream. He plays mostly at “cowboy churches,” he said, and with the smaller venues have come smaller promotion. He cites visiting a radio station in a beat-up trailer in the middle of Arizona. “You don’t have to have a big setup,” Harold said. “It’s just a good old time.” Cullip also syndicates several shows on his site with names like “Maximum Threshold Radio Show” and “The Metal Madman Radio Show.” Several sites also syndicate his show, “KRRN Artist Showcase.” Cullip is co-host of “The Eutche Show” with Joe “Eutche” Di Matteo, who lives in Orlando. Cullip also is a producer of Di Matteo’s other show, “Interactive House Party.” “You cannot express yourself; you cannot put the content that people want to hear on regular radio,” Di Matteo said. “There are so many people out there who are so talented and you just don’t see them anywhere. “I think he (Cullip) has a good future in front of him.” Cullip, who works at GSI Commerce Inc. in Shepherdsville, is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in information technology from Kaplan University in the hopes of designing Web sites. He wants to take his show beyond his bedroom and on the road, such as to restaurants and local sporting events. “Everything I do, I do myself,” he said. “I didn’t think it would get to be what it is today.” Reporter Emily Hagedorn