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Doktor Archeville's Laboratory

Hi!  I am a fat 38 year old white cis het (but questioning; maybe demi?) male atheist introvert in NC.  I used to work at NCSU’s Hunt Library, but am currently unemployed.  My preferred pronouns are he/him/his; my preferred nicknames are Doc or Dok, or Science Squid (or Jon). I am a fan of… things.  So many things. * My Comics Fandoms * My Gaming Fandoms * My Movie/TV Fandoms * My Internet Fandoms (podcasts &  webcomics) * Zombies tl;dr: if it’s got cosplay, fantasy, horror (esp. body horror), science! & sci-fi, steampunk, or superheroes (or supervillains), I’ll probably love it. I also try to keep up with actual science and technology, especially body modification and transhumanism. I also blog about libraries and library- & librarian-related things, in part because I’d worked in a library for thirteen years. I also enjoy cooking (and food), which is a type of science.  Here are some recipes I’ve collected. This being the internet, I also reblog posts with cute animals.  I’m especially fond of bats.  And squid, cuttlefish, and other cephalopods.  While I’m listing animals, I may as well provide a link to my cat posts.  It is the internet, so there are a lot of them. I’m a big fan of/believer in people being themselves, and of consenting adults being able to do whatever they want however they want with whoever they want, no matter what others think.  (I.e., body positivity, sex positivity).  I’ve also become a big fan of some local burlesque troupes. I try to keep this blog SFW.  The only porn I’ll be posting here are food porn and technology porn. I apparently blog a fair bit about dating and love and relationships (familial, platonic, romantic, et cetera).  What’s the old saying?  "Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.“ Speaking of teaching, and learning, I have learned quite a bit from tumblr, and have tried to contribue to Tumblr University. I believe in feminism and equality.  I do not drink or smoke. I struggle with mild depression and anxiety issues, so sometimes my blog may get a bit maudlin. ———————–Things I’ve Liked Note: May contain some NSFW postsMy Tumblr CrushesMy personal blargingsAbout MeGetting To Know MeMy TMI Tuesday blargingsMy Feels Conventions!AnimazementConTemporalCosplay AmericaDragon*Con / Dragon ConMy FaceMy FacebookArt-related blargingsMusic-related blargings I often spend my Fridays at the Carolina Theatre in Durham.

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